SEGUIMI was created to satisfy, surprise and create unique experiences. The philosophy implemented by the our Michelin-starred Chef Andrea Ribaldone, based on quality, the use of fresh and authentic products and the respect for seasonality and our suppliers, is our seal of quality and consistency that enables us to achieve these goals.

In addition to offering a high-quality and innovative menù, SEGUIMI believes in the power of living dining spaces at any time of the day, in putting human relationships at the center and in the principle that a dining experiece is often memorable when shared with others. What you find at SEGUIMI is much more than an aperitif, a lunch or a dinner. It's the opportunity to enjoy a good meal in total relax, live the space comfortably and share unique dishes with friends, family or guests and discover that a meal in the suburbs can be truly surprising.

Identity and philosophy

We embrace the goal to create memorable culinary experience, the continuous desire to innovate and the drive to be unique by combining our local roots with new gastronomic trends. SEGUIMI is a way to savor quality dishes and appreciate a warmth and spontaneous service that always puts the customer at the center. We welcome you in an place designed to make you feel good and to truly enjoy the simple beauty of sharing a table and a tasty meal with others.

Our culinary philosophy is based on three essential principles: the ingredients must be of good quality, the products authentic and the dishes prepared with passion, simplicity and originality. SEGUIMI's culinary offer is designed by the Michelin-starred Executive Chef Andrea Ribaldone, a seal of quality of our offer that allows us to put into practice these principles every day and create the food experience we want to offer.

Distinctive traits

The SEGUIMI experience is characterized by distinctive features that crystallize the identity of the concept. The dining spaces are lively and modern, the open grill gives character to the restaurants and teases the senses and our Living Table invites you to socialize. These are small distinctive elements of value that contribute to the creation the experiences and make SEGUIMI a place worth visiting again and again. Quality is the base we start from, identity is what makes SEGUIMI truly unique.

Sharing vibes

SEGUIMI thrives on conviviality, the social and cultural value of sharing and feeling good together with others. All our dishes are designed to be placed in the middle of the table and shared, accompanied by a bottle of wine or a cockatil from our bar. Laughing, talking, meeting. Because SEGUIMI is an experience that becomes memorable when enjoyed with friends, family and collegues.