Belstay was created in 2022 with the aim of becoming the leading hotel group in the 4-star segment within the sub-urban areas of all main Italian cities. The project starts from the cities of Milan, Mestre and Rome and aims to develop in Florence, Turin, Bologna, Verona, Genoa, Naples, Bari, Padua, Palermo and Catania. The group owns all the real estate assets and aims to expand through real estate acquisitions based on a rational, analytical and structured investment approach. Belstay's development goals are ambitious and are based on solid financial capabilities, strong management skills and the passion of a team that believes in the future of this sector and in the Belstay brand.


What are the characteristics of the ideal Belstay?

  1. It's not necessarily non-central, but easily accessible and strategically located near airports, railway stations or highways.
  2. It's large. It has a minimum dimension of 100 rooms.
  3. It's a full-service hotel, with F&B facilities, meeting rooms, leisure services, parking and outdoor areas.
  4. It attracts both business and leisure customers looking for excellent hospitality and good value.

If you want to discuss a real estate acquisition opportunity that is in line with our objectives, send an email to Our contact will be rapid and our feedback quick and concrete.


The Garnet Hospitality Partners' team